Washington Rockers 2010 Digital CD Free Download – Saving Lives through free music | Esente Music Group

Esente Music Group has released the Washington Rockers 2010 Digital CD, the first free digital download CD that raises awareness about drunk driving. The CD features songs by some of the awesome bands from all over Washington. Your help and support is solicited to support their wonderful cause and you are urged to download the full audio music CD for free at myspace.

The list of Bands performingin the free CD include:

  • Kris Orlowski
  • J Minus
  • Again and Again
  • Trading Voices
  • Thomas Starks
  • Eclectic Approach
  • Fortune 500
  • Miracle Max
  • Hills of Elysium
  • Endeverance
  • Brian Marshall Band
  • Auriemma
  • From the Sea
  • Blown
  • Shock Treatment
  • This Band Is A Time Machine

Read about the bands, the campaign, and more at www.esentemusicgroup.com

Save lives and get hundreds of free downloads!