Swampscott student’s summer had music and a driving message

Swampscott — This summer, while most college students spent their time hanging out at the gym or catching some sun at the beach, Elise Williams, a Swampscott resident and a senior at Roger Williams University, was hard at work … saving lives.

Williams was given the opportunity to executive produce the nationally distributed Austin Rockers 2010 Digital Compilation CD, while interning at Esente Music Group in Beverly.

“This summer I was able to be the producer of a CD,” Williams says, “I researched bands and media contacts, and helped complete the national publicity campaign. The CD was in support of drunk driving prevention, something I’m very proud to say I was part of.”

Esente Music Group promotes the music of unsigned artists from across America with a twist. The label offers free music to anyone who wants to listen and download. While doling out the free downloads, Esente simultaneously promotes drunk driving awareness on its website.

Says Esente spokeswoman Ashley Beckwith, “Every time a fan logs onto our website they are bombarded with drunk driving prevention advertising. Every kid I know is online downloading music. This approach hits them where they live.”

Guitarist Rich Cornelison of the band Blown, who appear on the “Washington Rockers 2010” album, says “having a song on the CD is a great promotion opportunity.” But beyond the exposure, appearing on the disc also means a lot to the band.

“We have lost several friends over the years to drunk drivers,” he says, “It is easier to call a cab than it is to lose your life or — even worse — to take someone else’s life.”

Williams agrees and says, “I had such a good time at my internship this summer. I learned so much and I’m so happy that it was for drunk driving prevention.”

To listen to Austin Rockers 2010 or to learn more about Esente Music Group visit esentemusicgroup.com.