Student Songwriter Produces Music For A Greater Cause

Junior Kristin Archambault is undertaking a graphic design internship

Last year, while searching Craigslist for possible internships, junior Kristin Archambault, found an ad for a graphic design internship with Esente Music Group.

Archambault, an art major and manager of the St. Michael’s ice hockey team, jumped at the opportunity.

“I want to do graphic design after school,” Archambault said. “I was looking for a graphic design internship, and they had one open at this record company, and it was really cool because I love music.”

Esente Music Group is an online company that uses digitally downloaded music to help raise drunk-driving awareness. All downloads are free.

As an intern, Archambault was one of the executive producers for the CD “New York Rockers”.

“I contacted New York- based bands and they submitted music for the CD, which was put in a compilation,” Archambault said. “We worked with the bands to make drunk driving prevention ads.”

Nicole Van Eden, the director of publicity for Esente Music Group, said she supervised Archambault and that hiring her was a “no-brainer.”

“She had great ideas,” Van Eden said. “She wasn’t afraid to share them.”

“We had a lot of participation because it was such a great cause,” Archambault said.

“She handled everything very professionally,” Van Eden said. “I think she learned a lot.”

In her free time, Archambault writes music of her own. Her inspiration comes from her life experiences, family, and friends.

“I found it’s a really good outlet,” Archambault said.

Relieves stress

Growing up, Archambault said she loved music. She often wrote poems when she was younger, she said.

“I recently started doing raps,” Archambault said. “When I’m stressed out, I put it on paper and it kind of alleviates it.”

Archambault mainly puts “beats” together on the computer program, Garage Band. At the end of last year, she put together a few songs for the seniors on the ice hockey team and played it in the locker room.

“It was funny because our team didn’t really know that she made music and then she made a few songs about our team,” said senior Emily Ham, one of Archambault’s teammates. “She just was cracking jokes about people on our team and stuff like that.”

Archambault describes her music tastes as “pretty eclectic” and says she listens to just about anything. If she had to isolate it, it would mostly be rap, hip-hop, and rock, she said.

“I’ve always known she’s been really interested in music, because she always has her headphones on,” Meg Guarente, St. Michael’s senior and teammate of Archambault, said.

In the future, Archambault hopes to open her own business and maybe even continue her internship with Esente Music Group.

“I eventually want to produce music and essentially do advertisement and graphic design work for bands and also help direct and film music videos,” she said.

Both Guarente and Ham said they will definitely continue to support Archambault in the future.

“She puts so much into making her own music” Guarente said. “She’s really passionate and committed to it. She still has potential to do a lot in the future.”