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Are You A Musician Who Wants To Make A Difference?

Submit Your Music To Esente Music Group Today!

Esente Music Group is always searching for great musicians who want to use their music to help prevent drunk driving and bullying.

Our projects are 100% FREE to the musicians, and you retain 100% of your publishing.

If selected, you will receive the following:

- Your music will be distributed to 250,000 people digitally.

- Your music will appear on our CD release web page as well as all our social network sites such as twitter and Facebook

- Your local newspaper will be contacted with the story of you using your time and talent to help save lives.

- Your band will appear on an ad agency quality anti-drunk driving or anti-bullying poster.

Esente Music Group will promote your music nationally, internationally, AND for free.

Fans across the country and the world will listen to and download the music for free, and will receive drunk driving prevention or bullying information in the process. Each act chosen for their area’s CD will appear in a PSA style drunk driving prevention or bullying ad. These ads will appear next to posters created by college and high school students from across America.

You can save lives with your music and be promoted all at once.

Submit your music in MP3 or WAV form with song title, band name, band location, and website or Facebook URL to