Use Your Music to Change the World!

Submit Your Music and Take Part in a National Drunk Driving Prevention Program or National Bullying Prevention Program.

When your music appears on an Esente Digital Release, you receive thousands of dollars’ worth of promotion for free.

Your music is marketed directly to music fans across the nation, and it is presented to every music media representative in your area. Esente makes it easy for you to get the industry and fan exposure that your music deserves.

How It Works:

Esente Music Group Digital Releases are 100% FREE to the participating musicians and their fans.

The musicians and songwriters also retain 100% of their publishing and all other royalties

Each Esente Music Group Digital Release will be digitally distributed to thousands of people.

Each selected act will appear on an ad agency quality PSA-style drunk driving prevention ad or bullying ad. These ads will appear next to posters created by college and high school students across America.

Each selected act will have their local newspaper and media contacted with the story of the artists using their time and talent to help save lives.

Each artist’s music will appear on the Esente web page, and all of our social networking sites.

When music fans listen to and download the music, they will see the artist’s information alongside drunk driving prevention or bullying advertisements.

The artist gets free exposure, and the fan sees an ad that may save their life.

Click here to submit your music to one of the Esente Music Group’s campaigns.